The source for fresh, timely and credible news in Central Luzon, CLTV36's round the clock daily news programs features hyperlocal news while covering relevant national news.


SOCIAL TV (use social TV logo, and the other social TV logos for this section Usapang Biz-Ness, Kabaro, Agri Ka ba, Asenso Sigurado, Ibang Klase).

Social TV is a daily afternoon program where viewers can learn about business, agriculture, womenʼs issues, employment and the state of education in Central Luzon and the country. It is also aired simultaneously on Facebook Live at CLTV36ʼs official Facebook page.

History, trivia and more with BSJ.

Centro (City of San fernando, Pampanga)

Discover the center of culture, industry and governance in Central Luzon, only in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

OK si Dok is an informative, public-service oriented program hosted by Dr. William Olalia and Dr. Salve Olalia.


Music videos of local and international artists and bands. Viewers can also send their music video requests via social media.